Introducing GambleID Partners consulting & workforce services

GambleID Partners offers a combination of on-demand workforce management and technology architecture and making it easy for start-ups and established industry leaders to launch, run, and grow projects on time and under budget.

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Introducing 'GambleID Partners' consulting & workforce augmentation

From Player Identity to Payment Connectivity

GambleID's end-to-end platform provides you complete player coverage through an integrated managed gateway process. You get everything needed for player compliance: identity, location, payments, device reputation, and analytics.

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From Player identity to Payment Connectivity

Player compliance is nothing to gamble with.

GambleID's Customer Insight Solution provides you with a managed compliance engine that dynamically ensures player compliance as part of the service.

Built-in rules monitoring for every game in every jurisdiction.

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Player compliance is nothing to gamble on

Less really is More when it comes to player acquisition.

GambleID's exclusive "Smart Identity" solution dynamically adjust to each player and each device. Never requiring more from them than is absolutely necessary for a compliant validation.

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Low friction for players, high acceptance rates for you
Player Identity

Player Age & Identity

We verify the true identity of a player without lengthy forms or the need to request intrusive personal data like address and social security number.

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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

One connection to GambleID provides players with 100s of payment & payout options within our secure pre-integrated player wallet and dynamic cashier.

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Geo-Fence & Location

Geo-Fence & Location

Over 40 pre-integrated geo-location services matched to compliance requirements and carrier level accuracy give you a redundant "fail-safe" service.

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Player risk is detected and assessed from multiple angles by analyzing matched profiles, trend comparisons, transaction mapping, and more.

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Global Reputation

Global Reputation

Leverage real-time monitoring on player profiles with our Global Reputation Network and provide real-time risk alert on players, devices, and payments.

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Player Taxation

Player Taxation

Dynamically assess tax calculations for player payouts as well as generate, distribute, and catalog any tax forms directly within a players profile.

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Profile Monitoring

Profile Monitoring

Live updates to every player profile leverage our Global Reputation Network and provide real-time risk alert on players, devices, and payments.

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AML & Watchlist

Fraud, AML & Watchlist

Anti-fraud, Risk Management, Anti Money Laundering, Industry Opt-Out & BlackList, Global Watchlist w/OFAC & more are standard on every connection.

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Casino & Poker

Online Casino and Poker players are a sophisticated online customer type and they have high expectations from online casino operators. GambleID has taken these player desires, matched them to the regulatory compliance requirements, and added in the merchant demands to deliver you an end-to-end player solution.

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ADW & Track Betting

In the world of online track betting it is very important to "know your audience" and that takes a keen understanding of the existing player demographic. Applying the right level of services to this customer group is key to success and the smallest 'hic-up" can cost you customers and inflate your support cost.

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Fantasy Sports & Social

Social gaming & Fantasy Sports betting have real stakes when it comes to your business. GambleID has taken the best of breed solutions for risk control and our low friction approach to player data compliance and created a solutions that never slows a player's experience but provides the safety & service you need.

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Clean Code

Player Validation & Compliance

We provide the right combination of managed services for player identity verification, location validation, and compliance monitoring.

Our "low friction" approach to player identification requires less information from the player and provides you a more complete identity profile. Less really is more when you use GambleID.

Location is one of our strong suits and we excel and making sure that your location verification never lets you down. We have over 40 location solutions pre-configured to meet the growing compliance requirements.

Player profiling & analytics provides forecasted and real-time risk assessments, AML verifications, watch list checks, and much more. The more you know about your players the better decisions you can make.

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Payment Options

Payment, Deposit, and Processing

The Safe Pay Gateway combines the services of a PCI compliant secure cashier window, the ease of use of a player wallet, with a dynamic set of processing solutions.

Over 100 different payment processors, online wallets, and alternative payment services for eCheck/ACH, credit cards, pre-paid, you name it. We already have them integrated and ready to go.

ACH OnTime is a service exclusive to GambleID providing guaranteed next day settlements on deposits made via eCheck. Now the easiest way for your players to make deposits just got better for you.

Dynamic risk & value decisioning has been built into our Safe Pay Gateway providing you "least cost routing" for you, high acceptance rating for your players, and fail-safe reconciliation for your transaction reporting.

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More Features

Player & Payment Analytics

The best business decisions come from knowing your market, your customer, and your cash-flow.

"Know Your Customer" is the first step to forecasting where they will take you, with predictive player analytics and market profiling GambleID gives you the knowledge needed to stay ahead.

The decisions and direction of your business can be brought to a clear and predictive state with our managed alerts and decisioning engine. We provide foresight by bring trends to the forefront.

As your players options for payments and deposits grow you'll need to keep cost in check without limiting player activity. The consolidated reporting pulls all of your payment systems into one trackable and manageable solution.

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More Features

GambleID Partners

Providing consulting services and on-demand 'tech-teams' to tackle technology related projects for the online gaming and fantasy sports market.

When you are working with our team of experts you are getting gaming related experience and technology know-how together in one package. We work with you to ensure that everyone understands the issues that are involved.

We provide you with a skilled team of experts that you have access to "on-demand". You're not paying for people that are waiting for the next step, your on-demand workforce grows or shrinks based on your need and your budget.

When you are faced with multiple technology diciplines it usually means that you need multiple groups of people to manage and tackle each item. We have the technology skills to provide everything from cloud infrastructure to app design along with the knowledge to support it if you need long term oversight.

Workforce Augmentation & On-Demand Access

Cloud Infrastructure App Design Data Management Best Practices
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One integration. Multiple platforms. Unlimited return.
Our multi-environment API:UX platform lets you connect your website or native OS dependent gaming system to our real-time managed service for player authentication and our smart gateway technology dynamically routes your players through any compliance and authentication process that is required.

This dynamic & low friction approach to player authentication ensures that your players are never asked for more information than is absolutely necessary. This increases your overall acceptance rate and lowers the chance that information collected from players is been mistyped or forgotten all together. Players are presented with their profile information and simply verify what is theirs.

By leveraging this technology you can drastically increase your acquisition rate while gaining a higher level of knowledge on your player.
Only in a good way, making things faster and easier.
The GambleID API:UX service combines the security of server to server communication with the integration ease of client side scripting. The result is a service that inherits the look and feel of your existing interface for any environment (desktop, tablet, and mobile) while providing a managed process geared towards each individual player's mandatory compliance requirements.

Since the GambleID integration inherits your existing look and feel your focus stays on the gaming business and the player compliance "takes care of itself". If you have a working knowledge of web standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery then you will have what it takes to make sure that your players experience a seamless transition between your game play and their personal information management.
How robust is your platform? Can you handle all the traffic, services, support?
Absolutely, 100%, We're ready.
The GambleID Platform is built for expansion and allows you to access all of the key services needed for your business without limitations or fear of down time connectivity.

Your single integration to GambleID provides you with a multi-tiered service layer and fail-safe switching for every component of the player authentication, payments, monitoring, and compliance requirements.

Our smart gateway technology provides redundant data and service access to:
  • Over 20 different player identity channels covering millions of internal player profiles and traditional ID sources like Experian and TransUnion
  • 40+ location service providers giving you access to Mobile Carrier / WiFi / Advanced IP / GPS and more
  • 100s of payment processors for everything from credit cards & web wallets to ACH/eCheck and pre-paid
  • 1,000s of player data points enabling direct forecasting and identification
  • And literally 10s of Millions of active player profiles from inside and outside the gaming network

What we do

About Us

We deliver products and solutions designed to meet the regulatory compliance requirements of the gaming industry.

GambleID is focused on providing solutions that reduce risk while enhancing profitability through analytical process management. Our multi-layered approach enables identity verification, location validation, device fingerprinting, business optimization strategies, payment authentication, payment transaction management & optimization, risk mitigation, customer value forecasting and scoring through intuitive tools within an integrated managed service.



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