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Enterprise Solutions

Are you a gaming Operator or Merchant looking for an end to end solution to integrate into your gaming platform? GambleID provides the most comprehensive system for customer screening and regulatory compliance in the market today, contact us and see what we can do for you.

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Industries & Solutions

An important component to the GambleID Platform are our exclusive systems built specifically for the industries that we provide services. We continually aggregate the best solutions in the market to provide an integrated and enhanced solution that keeps everything simple and connected.

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Players & Customers

Register for a GambleID Player Account and get instant account creation and real-time deposit credit at your favorite online gaming sites. With your GambleID account your identity and account is instantly validated and you control who accesses your information.

Players, secure your identity

Own your identity

Keep control over the personal information at online gaming sites, your GambleID account allows you to see what you share and monitor when and how it is used.

Establish your location

With every type of gaming comes some sort of location based verification and that location can be the lynch-pin to how you can play and collect winnings.

Control your communication

Own your inbox on all your devices (PC/Tablet/Mobile Phone) with your GambleID account filtering the messages from online gaming sites keeping you SPAM free.

Stop Identity Theft

GambleID uses the highest levels of encryption and security to lock down your identity and monitor systems to ensure that only you are using your information.

Manage your wallet

Your identity, your location, your personal contact information, your method of payment; all of these are at your fingertips with your secure GambleID Digital Wallet.

Pay with confidence

Payments at online gaming sites are in your control with your GambleID Digital Wallet providing you semi-anonymous real-time transaction authentication.

Managed Enterprise Services

Systems for Verification, Analytics, & Monitoring

Device Fingerprinting

Our unique device fingerprinting technology gives you an advantage and protects you from possible fraud, defends you against devices loaded with malware, and fights fraud with cloud-based, state of the art technology. As cybercrime exploits become more sophisticated, defending against them requires new, integrated approaches that look beyond the firewall and beyond single technology based defense measures.

Identity Verification

Our "low friction" approach to customer identification combines hundreds of profiled connection points with only the smallest amount of the customers personal information like their first name, last name, and date of birth. With only this small request from the customer we are able to achieve match rate of over 93 percent. Verification can then be done using our advanced KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) process.

Device Fingerprinting

Our unique device fingerprinting technology gives you an advantage and protects you from possible fraud, defends you against devices loaded with malware, and fights fraud with cloud-based, state of the art technology. As cybercrime exploits become more sophisticated, defending against them requires new, integrated approaches that look beyond the firewall and beyond single technology based defense measures.

Location Validation

We layer multiple location verification technologies to and determine the best fits the current scenario according to accuracy and service. By integrating IP, Wi-Fi, Address Mapping, and mobile devices carrier level accuracy we provide the most stringent standards of accuracy and speed.

Customer Profiling & Forecasting

Profiling your customer base is done through a dynamic learning system that analyzes the changes in your customer base and forecast the outcome. These services in profiling and forecasting create automated decisions that aggregate customer market and provide you deeper insight into your business.

Anti-Fraud & Red-flag Monitoring

The GambleID Solution contains complete service for ongoing monitoring of customer information for OFAC, banking fraud, self-exclusion listings, industry black lists, as well as managing PCI Compliance, and much more keep your process and auditing clean and safe.

Payment & Transaction Validation

Payments in and payments out are the highest point of the risk curve; we provide you real-time decisioning that determines risk, provides payment method data, analyzes value, and determines process flow based on the actions of your paying clients. All of this gives your business the ability to move at the speed of your customers adding value and managing the risk of transactions.

Real-time Analytics

Every enterprise level account comes with solutions for real-time data analytics and custom settings that are powered by our decisioning engine. These settings compiled with your custom account settings make monitoring your service simple and intuitive while the system detects and amplifies the efficiencies for each process giving you the information needed to excel in the market.

API & Hosted Integration

We have integration options for just about every scenario from complete end-to-end hosted solutions to the most integrated API access; all of our solutions allow you to maximize your total cost of integration and can be adjusted to meet your goals. With every integration comes your own technical account representative that can assist at every step in the process.

Solutions for your industry

Online Poker

Poker players are a unique group that have grown sophisticated in their expectations in an online experience and GambleID has honed that into a service that caters to the demands of this public.

Off Track Betting

In the world of track betting understanding what is needed by the existing customer demographic is a key to success and our products and services know the pieces needed to achieve success.


One of the most popular gaming formats attracts a diverse audience in its participants and with the groups that manage them. From private to governmental groups, GambleID has the solutions needed.

Fantasy Sports

Combining two of the most popular gaming entities of all time is a recipe for success; with a history as deep as sports betting melting with the fervent participation of the #1 social game in the world the opportunities are infinite.

Land-based Casinos

The GambleID platform provides extensive value to a land-based gaming operation by extending their current understanding of the customer and connecting the current business to future online business.

Global Gaming Solutions

From the new markets opening in the USA to historic establishments across Europe to Asia and beyond; the GambleID platform provides the end-to-end solutions for service as well as the end-to-end solutions for connecting your global business.

Get VIP treatment

Player Testimonials

When you create an account with GambleID, you are establishing credibility and providing confidence to the online gaming sites that you visit. By connecting various pieces of your personal information, as well as validating information that may be found online, your GambleID account creates a trusted connection between you and the online gaming sites that you play at. Around the globe different gaming sites have different rules for what information they must collect on customers and how they are required to monitor that information.

With your GambleID connection you are able to control the access and monitoring of this information used by gaming sites; and by having your personal information secured and validated within your GambleID account the gaming sites that you visit will be ready to establish your VIP level account instantly. That means you won't have to wait for manual validation of your address, mail in sensitive documents, call into a support desk (or wait for them to call you), or possibly most importantly you won't be waiting days or even hours to be credited for deposits or withdrawals for winnings. Your GambleID account establishes a tangible connection to real-world credibility for your access to the online gaming sites you want to play at - it's easy, it keeps you secure, and it keeps your hand in the game.


Online Fantasy Sports Player

" I found GambleID while using a fantasy sports site that I like a lot. The registration took less than a minute and I didn't have to give them a bunch of personal information like my SSN (Social Security Number) or Drivers License. Now I look for other sites that have GambleID as their registration validator because not only do I only have to sign in but with GambleID I can control what information the site can see and am alerted every time they try to use it. GambleID was able to validate my information, search for items so that I didn't have to type them in again, and validate them with just a few clicks. The entire process is simple and puts the control of my information at gaming sites under my control and not under the control of some ones marketing department.   "

Chris P. - West Virginia

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Knowledge is King

Partners & Clients

The more you know about your customer the more accurate your decisions about them will be. Our Customer Insight Platform provides you with a state of the art solution with the most accurate & efficient Identity, Location, Value & Risk Assessment, Anti-Fraud, and Compliance Monitoring Services available.

With our comprehensive end-to-end platform for gaming operators GambleID can supply you with the knowledge and tools you need to grow and protect your customer base. Beginning with our exclusive Customer Insight™ Platform you can manage the entire identity life-cycle from registration, to ongoing monitoring, to transaction management.

The full GambleID Platform helps to manage and service the regulatory compliance needs in such a highly regulated industry. Organizing the rules in place when each jurisdiction may have and can have different sets of compliance components for each aspect of your business is a full time job. With our Customer Insight and administrative tools we can make the monitoring and auditing of your customer market easier and more intuitive.


Locaid - Location as a Service

" The online gaming industry is moving at warp speed and partnering with GambleID was a natural fit. In the US, just one game, real-money internet poker, could generate over $100 billion in annual revenues a year. But only if the states allow it," said Rip Gerber, CEO of Locaid. "The only way regulators can allow real-money wagering is when the physical location of the person is verified as within state lines. Network location from Locaid is the only non-spoofable, authenticated location source that can provide that level of location verification, and with a leading partner for customer identity and analytics services like GambleID we are poised to capture this incredible opportunity created by the interception of the gaming industry with mobile and social mediums.   "

Rip Gerber - Locaid, Inc. President & CEO

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Customized to your market

Industry Expertise

Understanding the unique nature and challenges of each industry promotes a successful implementation for your business. Track Betting (ADW/OTB), Lottery, Fantasy Sports, and others all have different key business drivers and even amongst these industries the regulatory requirements change across the US market depending on the state that the customer is in and the merchant is licensed.

These adjustments to processes that a customer and the business must adapt to add considerable strain to both parties if they are not managed dynamically; when regulatory requirements, taxes consequences, gaming laws, deposit and pay-out regulations and more collide there can be a significant impact to gaining a viable market share. GambleID provides each industry an ongoing solution for monitoring and managing these different combinations within the US and Globally.

All of this adds up to services and processes that are seamless to the customer and add efficiency and value to the merchant.


Sportech / eBets

" The combination of the Sportech's eBets Solution for online gaming/track sports and GambleID's Customer Insight solution we have created a significant strategic and operational advantage in the market for providing our clients with the best end-to-end service for customer compliance, risk mitigation, and value analytics. eBets has a growing customer base with strong year-on-year revenue growth that will broaden and be enhanced with the addition of GambleID's platform and strategies for increasing customer registration and value.   "

Sportech / eBets, Vice President Operations

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